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Peavine Trail

Only 10 mins from our Campground

This is one of the few “Rail to Trail” projects in Arizona. There are outstanding views of Watson Lake and Granite Dells, as well as wildlife viewing. 

Walk, hike, bike or horseback along this six mile trail that was originally built by the Santa Fe Railway in 1893. The Peavine connects with the Iron King Trail for another four mile trek along more railroad bed. 

Take Hwy 89 to Prescott Lakes Parkway, then to Sundog Ranch Road. Shown on the NE Prescott Trails Map. Parking at the Peavine Trailhead off Prescott Lakes Parkway has a $2 fee. Alternatively, you can access this trail for free off of Hwy 89A at Side Road, from Prescott Valley Iron King trailhead, or from the trailhead on Granite Dells Road.

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Iron King Trail

15 mins from our campground

Iron King Trail can be accessed in multiple ways, the easiest being, parking in the small dirt lot on the west side of Glassford Hill Rd. off of Sante Fe Loop and parking is free. Access is also available from the Peavine Trail

This trail is doubletrack and an easy ride. There is a gentle climb for the first 2.25 miles then a flat ride into the rocks. The trail ends at the Peavine Trail after a fun downhill section. A picnic table and a port-a-let await you at the intersection

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Goldwater Lake

15 min hike from Point of Rocks

This ride starts with a really fun climb up through the mountains past some amazing scenery. The manageable climbs are long and steady, but there are a few rocky sections where you may choose to push for 15 feet or so. Higher up the scenery is amazing past the lakes and trees. On the return trip, all the climbs switch to fun, controlled downhills with a few more climbs thrown in for good measure.

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Goldwater Trail

12 min drive from our campground

This #396 is a great trail for a hot summer day. Located almost entirely in the trees it includes a bit of climbing with little technical skills needed. 

The trail starts at the White Spar campground just off of White Spar Road just minutes south of downtown Prescott. A winding climb brings you to a small overlook with good views of the mountains west of town. 

Then a short downhill to the pond and the real climb begins. The first 1/4 mile is the toughest then it steps it’s way to the saddle. Be sure to look off to your left while you climb to see Goldwater Lake. Then a gentle downhill through the trees and the final climb up to Senator Highway. 

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Prescott Circle Trail

10 min hike from Point of Rocks

The Prescott Circle Trail is a network of our best non-motorized trails that combine to make a 54 mile loop around Prescott . The PCT is jointly managed by the City of Prescott (25 miles) and Prescott National Forest (29 miles). The trail comes as close as three miles to downtown Prescott and is easily accessible with 15 trailheads along its length. A lap of the PCT has about 6000 feet of elevation gain and can be enjoyed as an adventurous one or two day trip or a multi-day trip over a period of days, weeks or months.

Prescott Circle Trail Map

Whiskey Off-Road

Only 10 mins from our Campground 

The Whiskey Off-Road 30 Proof course begins with a brief stay and steep climb on the pavement heading out to the endless singletrack offerings located in Prescott National Forest. Once in the forest, the route features technical singletrack, burly water bars, daunting creek crossings, smooth fire roads, quality climbing, and awesome vistas.

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Firewater Trail 

15 min hike from Point of Rocks

A fun trail that connects West Trail #318, or ‘White Rock’ as everyone calls it, and Javelina Trail #332

This is a reroute of a social trail that has several rock features built in. The top, off West Trail #318, winds and twists a bit before crossing a drainage and dropping fairly sharply across a steep side hill. Nearing the bottom, there are a couple rock steps and ramps. 

This trail is rideable in either direction, but best going down! Climb back up Javelina Trail #332 to rejoin the Thumb Butte area trails. 

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Wolverton Mountain

15 mins from Campground

This trail starts just across Hwy 89 from White Spar Campground on White Spar Road just south of Prescott. From the start it is climb, climb, climb. 

The trail starts in the trees with nice flowy easy climbing. Then after a short downhill, grab your lungs and be ready. As you climb out of the trees look off to the right and you’ll see great views of Prescott from Thumb Butte in the west to the Dells farther to the east. 

More climbing is ahead as you wind your way higher and higher. At about 4.2 miles you’ll come to a gate. Pass around the gate and on to the doubletrack. A bit more climbing and then finally some downhill to the intersection of Trail 48.

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Constellation Trails

10 min drive from our campground

While the area in total only has about 6 miles of trail, if you do them all it will be a workout. 

Park at Phippen Museum just of off Hwy 89 north of Prescott. The trail heads under the highway and you come out in an area where a Lockheed C-121G Super Constellation crashed on February 28, 1959.

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Mt. Francis Loop

14 min drive from Point of Rocks

This loop incorporates some great trails, climbs through the Thumb Butte area (several optional routes here), then heads up a rugged climb on Sparrow, followed by excellent descents on Moby #737 and #9415 Wolverton Mountain Trail

Sparrow follows a fairly busy ravine, Moby #737 has beautiful forest and great views, as does Wolverton – if you can take your eyes off the trail! You can add Goldwater Lakes Trail #396 and Feldmeier Trail #330 after crossing White Spar Rd. if you’re still hungry for more.

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Salida Gulch Trail

15 mins from our Campground

You can access this trail from the Lynx Creek Ruin Rd. just off of Walker Road. You can park at the trailhead or make this part of a ride incorporating trail 305. This loop is a gentle uphill with great views at the top then a fast and flowy downhill back to the trailhead.

From the parking area at the end of Lynx Creek Ruins Rd. ride across the rocky dry creek and pass the gate. Be sure to go ride approximately 50 ft past the gate then an immediate left. 

Park and Trail Map Link

Smith Ravine

15 min drive from our campground

Starting from the Tr.297 (Smith Ravine) trailhead located 4.8 miles east on Walker Rd. from Hwy 69, you encounter a climb from the very start.

Smith Ravine Trail #297 is nicely shaded as it passes through oak and ponderosa pine forest. The trail rolls up and down as it gradually climbs from an elevation of roughly 6,000 at one end, to nearly 7,000 at the other. 

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Homestead Trail

15 min drive from Point of Rocks

The trail starts from the north side of the Trail 62 / Ranch Trailhead. Be sure to look both ways as you cross Walker Rd. and the other campground access roads. When you get to the Green Gate the real climbing starts. The best part of this trail is heading back towards the trailhead – there’s lots of downhill goodness.

Trail Map & Info Link

Prescott Punisher

15 min drive from our campground

This is a 4.75 mi Mtn Biking in Prescott, AZ, United States. The Mtn Biking has a total ascent of 258.92 ft and has a maximum elevation of 6,360.47 ft

Average Terrain For Event For Group Medium Climb Contour Medium Difficulty Mountains Surroundings Rough Terrain Scenic Surroundings Smooth Terrain Trail Surface

Trail Map and Info Link

Balancing Rock Trail 

Only 10 mins from our Campground

Balancing Rock Trail #349 begins at the Cayuse Equestrian Trailhead within the Granite Basin Recreation Area. 

The trail weaves up and down through shaded pine forest studded with granite boulders. Wildflowers add color to the landscape throughout much of the year, and portions of the trail meander along charming seasonal creeks. 

Trail Map and Info Link

Ranch Trail #62

Only 10 mins from our Campground

Starting from Senator Highway at the top of Trail #396, Trail #62 (Ranch Trail) heads all the way to Walker Rd. 

The trail starts with a couple nice switchbacks then gently climbs into the forest above. The first couple miles are exposed, providing great views of Prescott, Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain. 

Trail Map and Info Link

Ironclad Bicycles

(928) 776-1755

Only 15 mins from our Campground

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sun: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

We will always believe bicycles are the most amazing inventions ever, that bicycles are the most efficient transportation available, and there is nothing as much fun as a bicycle… but don’t freak out… we have now added electric bicycles to our mix!

710 White Spar Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303

IronClad Bicycles Website

High Gear Bike Shop

(928) 445-0636

Only 12 mins from our Campground

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat: 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

High Gear Bicycle Shop is your one stop local bike shop in Prescott, AZ

505 E Sheldon St, Prescott, AZ 86301

High Gear Bike Shop Website

Soul Ride

(928) 445-1662

Only 15 mins from our Campground

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Beyond basic and advanced maintenance. More than suspension service and adjustments. Soul Ride does these things and so much more. Custom wheel builds allow us to create a wheelset perfect for your riding style and tire choice.

230 S Montezuma St, Prescott, AZ 86303

Soul Ride Website

P.V. Bike Works

(928) 775-4860

Only 18 mins from our Campground

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

 Full service Bike Shop , Bikes , Parts , Accessories . 28 Years Experience . Professional Mechanics all repairs guaranteed . Humble and Friendly customer service.

8500 E Frontage Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Prescott Valley Bike Works Website