A unique and picturesque RV Campground in Northern Arizona, nestled in Prescott’s Granite Dells. Family owned & operated.

We created a “No contact Check-In process” for everyone’s safety. Office will remain Closed to the public, keeping staff safe so we can keep our Campground Open.

Welcome to Point of Rocks RV Campground

We noticed you’re using a mobile device.  So, if you’d like to call us about a reservation, click the button below to call us!

Office will remain Closed to the public, keeping everyone safe so we can keep our Campground Open. Your personal reservation packet will be posted outside at 1 pm with site directions and information.
Online RequestsCall 928-445-9018Directions

The Yavapai County Courthouse

Things to Do

Want a fun day out on the town? Point of Rocks is a short 10-15 minute drive to beautiful downtown Prescott.

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Watson Lake Prescott AZ

Next to Lake

Only a short 10 minute walk using our trail system. Enjoy hiking, biking trails, kayaking, fishing, disc golf and more.

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Spring Bloom at Point of Rocks

2020 Rates

We are Prescott’s most popular campground. Check out our rates, amenities and make a reservation today!

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About Prescott

Prescott is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. We are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and within the Granite Dells. Enjoy all that Watson Lake offers; hiking trails, biking trails, boating, kayaking, paddle-board, fishing, bird watching, disc golf and more! Please see our amenities page for more details. If you’re new to visiting the Prescott area, a big Welcome to you!

Campground Blogs

Instagram Feed

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