The 2018 Camping Season is just getting started!

Here we are at the end of July, but for Prescott Arizona the camping season is just getting started!  Point of Rocks is open year round for a variety of reasons.  One being our year round milder weather.  The summers here are cooler than Phoenix for sure, the winters are relatively mild.  And Spring and Fall?  Those are some of our guests favorite seasons!

As we head into August there are many more events and activities in Prescott.  No matter when you visit the park our staff will have a list of things to do in the area for you.  And if you’d like to know what’s coming up before you make a reservation to stay with us be sure to check out the latest items in our events calendar.  Our staff regularly updates the calendar to keep you up to date with the latest fun things to do while you’re visiting.

Fall is right around the corner

With Fall in our not too distant future we expect to see more travelers returning from their northern trips back to the warmer temperatures of Arizona for the winter.  The snow bird migration season!

Each year we host many guests who are on their way back to southern Arizona.  It’s a busy time of year here, so if you’re thinking about spending some time with us be sure to get in touch sooner rather than later.  As the temperatures drop during the Fall season, they don’t drop too low.  And that means visitors get to enjoy all of the outdoor activities here longer!  Hiking, mountain biking, running, kayaking, rock climbing….all of these activities can be enjoyed just mere moments from our park.  That’s part of what makes us a destination location for so many campers!

We look forward to seeing you!

If you’re planning a trip, or you’re just looking for a quick weekend getaway, please feel free to give us a call or send in a campsite reservation inquiry.  We always recommend getting in touch with us first as the park is pretty busy this time of year.  Our friendly staff will assist you in getting a spot in the park, whether for the weekend or for an extended stay.