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Shade trees, unique RV spaces, and recreation all around!

If you’ve never visited Point of Rocks RV Campground for yourself you are in luck.  Today’s post includes a few more aerial images to give you a better feel for the park.  And if you look through our older blog posts you’ll find more interesting images from inside of our park, and the area surrounding it as well!

Point of Rocks RV Campground Prescott Arizona

This image was captured from almost the center of our park above some astounding Granite rock formations! You’ll notice the bottom right part of this image shows a few of our RV campsites!

Our campground lies within Prescott’s famous Granite Dells. The rock formations in this area may remind you of the formations found in Joshua Tree National Park.  And just like Joshua Tree, the formations are favorites for rock climbers from all over the country.  That’s just one of the many recreational opportunities surrounding our park!

Prescott AZ RV Park and Camping

You can see many of the campsites on our upper loop in this image, and we’re sure you’ll agree, this is a very unique RV campground

The “Upper Loop” of the campground offers many campsites that actually back right up against the stunning rock formations and cliff walls.  Every site on the upper loop has its own unique charm.

As the month of August is coming to a close we’re still experiencing some amazing Monsoonal cloud builds almost every day.  When the monsoons come to a close we are still often treated to some amazing clouds.  So even if you miss monsoons you might still be treated to some amazing skies and great sunrise and sunset photo opportunities.

Hiking along the trails within Point of Rocks, and the trails at Watson Lake (a short walk from the Upper Loop), avid photographers will find so many opportunities for unique photographs.  And avid hikers, runners, and mountain bikers will find more things to do than they have time for!

For further information about Point of Rocks please feel free to give us a call at (928) 445-9018, or use our convienient Reservation Inquiry Form to get in touch with us about your next planned visit to Prescott AZ.

Finally, enjoy the small gallery of photos included in today’s post.  Just a few more images from above the park, and the areas surrounding it.  We’re right next to Watson Lake Park, and a short distance from Willow Lake Park as well.

Note: The images from this post were shot by our friends from AZ Drone.  They are FAA Part 107 commercial drone operators.  Our campground is within 5 miles of the Ernest Love Field Airport, and all rules regarding drone flight were followed by the pilots. 

Point of Rocks has a new drone policy available on our rates and policies page.

Drone Pilots: For our valued guests who are drone pilots.  Point of Rocks does not restrict drone flight in and around our park, provided you follow FAA regulations.  A few items you need to note if you plan on using a drone in the area: 1: Point of Rocks is less than 5 miles from KPRC airport. That means you either need to have an authorization from the FAA if you are a commercial pilot, or if you’re a hobbyist you must call KPRC’s Air Traffic Control prior to flight. 2: Point of Rocks is located in a 400 foot Above Ground Level space for drone pilots. 3: Following FAA rules, you cannot legally fly over people in the park. Flying over guests could result in fines from the FAA. 4: Night time flights (more than 30 minutes after sunset) require a waiver from the FAA. We understand that the Granite Dells and Point of Rocks are incredibly scenic areas, and taking photos with drones can yield some amazing results.  We want you and our other guests to have a great experience, so we ask that you follow the FAA rules while you’re in our park.  We ask that if you are interested in flying your UAV in the area, please refrain from flying over our other guests campsites, there are more interesting things to see in the Dells and around Watson Lake. Violators will be asked to leave without a refund.