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Change Request

  • Make a change to your existing reservation without talking to an agent or incurring additional fees. Submit a Change Request via the above button. Changes must be submitted 4 days prior to arrival date. If making changes 3 days or less prior to arrival date, you forfeit a one-night stay plus a booking fee. Online and office availability is the same.

Monthly Request

  • Please, DO NOT CALL! Staff will refer you back to our website. Click the above link for availability and complete the online request form. Monthly sites can’t be booked via our Online Booking software. RV age must be 12 years of less. Maximum stay at Point of Rocks is 6 months.

Map Registration

  • This form is for customers who picked up a “Tonight Only” map outside the office. Avoid interruption from security during the night by completing this form. RV must be classified as a recreational vehicle. No tent camping, tiny homes, converted school buses, cars, or vans. Check out by 11:30am. No late check outs.

Kayak Rentals

Moonlight Kayaking with Born to Be Wild Adventures
  • Point of Rocks RV Campground is proud to partner with Born to Be Wild Adventures for Watercraft rentals. Reserve a kayak ($25 entire day), tandem kayak ($50 entire day), canoe or paddleboard ($50 entire day). Free delivery and pickup at Watson Lake, Willow Lake, or Goldwater Lake

Ebike Rentals

  • Prescott Ebike Rentals and Tours is a local family-owned business that strives to show visitors and locals alike, the reason Prescott is “Everybody's Home Town”. Our mission is to create a unforgettable memorie that you will cherish for years to come. Join us and let us show you Prescott’s amazing hidden treasures on an electric bicycle !

RV Rentals

  • Outdoorsy and Collective Retreats have teamed up to offer one-of-a-kind road trips pairing amazing RV rentals with unforgettable outdoor hospitality experiences. Enjoy unique overnight packages with luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, and curated perks in the most mesmerizing settings.