Point of Rocks Campground Cooking Classes available

Another reason to visit Prescott – The Watson Lake Inn

Prescott Arizona Granite Dells Bed and Breakfast

Chef Peter Gebauer, owner of the Watson Lake Inn and Master Chef

There are plenty of attractions that bring people to Prescott Arizona.  The historic downtown, the Granite Dells, Thumb Butte, Granite Basin, the Prescott Circle Trail…..  You get the idea.  And now there’s another reason to visit Prescott.  Our new neighbors, The Watson Lake Inn B&B.

Now Point of Rocks RV Park is a destination in itself.  We’re surrounded by stunning granite formations, we’re right next to the Watson Lake City Park, and we’re close to historic downtown.  For RV’ers, we’re a great choice when visiting the area.  But not everyone comes here in an RV.  And that’s where The Watson Lake Inn comes in.  They’re literally our next door neighbors in the Granite Dells.

Stay in the Dells without an RV

Every year Point of Rocks becomes extremely busy from the Spring through the Fall.  Often we’re a location for family reunions, get togethers with friends, and the launching point for adventures in Prescott.  And we’re often asked by guests, “I’ve got someone coming in to meet us that isn’t an RV’er.  Have any recommendations?”  And we’ve always had many places to recommend.  None of them were ever as close to us as the Watson Lake Inn, and none included a Master Chef who also offers cooking classes at his B&B.  But with the opening of the Inn, we’ve now got a new place to send visitors who aren’t RV’ing.

Peter and Aime’ Gebauer recently opened the bed and breakfast, located just a little north of our park.  They’re nestled in the Granite Dells, just like we are.  Their rooms are spacious, their hospitality is amazing, and the breakfasts…..well, they’re created by a Master Chef, so you can just imagine.

For any of our guests who have family or friends coming in to visit while they’re camping with us, the Inn might just be the perfect place for them to stay.  Only a few mintues from our park, it’s a convenient location to be sure!

Take a cooking class while you visit us

Prescott Lodging near Point of Rocks RV Park

A lovely log cabin located close to Point of Rocks

Beyond a great place for visitors to stay who aren’t RV’ing, the Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast also offers cooking classes.  So if you’re staying with us for a few days or longer you can look into what Chef Gebauer is “cooking up.”  The chef offers weekly courses, and he also offers custom classes as well.  If you’re staying with us for an extended period of time you can sample the selection of classes with the Chef during your stay.

So now, when we’re asked about places to stay for your friends and family who want to visit you while you’re here with us, we have a new place to offer you, close to our park, and a destination in itself!  We hope you’ll welcome our new neighbor as we have to the greater Prescott community!