A Virtual Visit To Point Of Rocks! See What Makes Our Park So Unique!

Over the years a great many photographs have been taken by our guests here at Point of Rocks RV Campground. Amazing sunsets, sunrises, monsoonal downpours, and more. People come here from all over to enjoy our park nestled in the Granite Dells in Prescott, and all of the surrounding attractions as well.  We know how stunning the Dells are, and that’s where a lot of the photographic inspiration comes from.  While you’ve seen images from our park here on the website, you can also find more images on Instagram as well, and follow along with us too!

Below you’ll find just one of the recent images uploaded to our Instagram account.  If you click on it you can opt to follow along with us on Instagram.  And if you’re a visitor to our park and you take an amazing photo?  Be sure to tag us when you upload to Instagram!  We love seeing how our guests enjoy the park!

Aerial Views Now Too!

With the advent of aerial imaging with drones we’re seeing more images of our park and the Granite Dells as well.  The views from above are often inspiring to say the least.  And they also afford potential guests a view of the park like no other.  With the latest drone images you can actually take a look at our park layout, see Watson Lake, Willow Lake, Thumb Butte, Granite Mountain, and more.  Included in this post is a 360 degree panorama shared with us by our friends at AZDrone.net

The view offered really showcases our park and also shows you how close we are to a great number of recreational opportunities.  Hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, and more activities are all within a few minutes reach of Point of Rocks!

Below you will find the interactive 360 Panoramic of the park.  You can let the viewer play on its own, or you can click and drag around the panoramic with your mouse.  Additionally in the upper right corner of the viewer you will see a box that will allow you to expand the screen.  Clicking on that will allow you to see the pano in Full Screen mode.  To exit full screen simply press the “ESC” key on your keyboard.  You can also zoom in and out of the panorama if you like.  For Apple users the shift key zooms you in and the command key zooms you out.  For Windows users the shift key zooms in and the CTRL key will zoom out.


Please note:  Point of Rocks has a new drone policy available on our rates and policies page.  While drones are allowed in the vicinity of the park, we do ask that you refrain from flying over our guests RVs. 

Drone Pilots: For our valued guests who are drone pilots.  Point of Rocks does not restrict drone flight in and around our park, provided you follow FAA regulations.  A few items you need to note if you plan on using a drone in the area: 1: Point of Rocks is less than 5 miles from KPRC airport. That means you either need to have an authorization from the FAA if you are a commercial pilot, or if you’re a hobbyist you must call KPRC’s Air Traffic Control prior to flight. 2: Point of Rocks is located in a 400 foot Above Ground Level space for drone pilots. 3: Following FAA rules, you cannot legally fly over people in the park. Flying over guests could result in fines from the FAA. 4: Night time flights (more than 30 minutes after sunset) require a waiver from the FAA. We understand that the Granite Dells and Point of Rocks are incredibly scenic areas, and taking photos with drones can yield some amazing results.  We want you and our other guests to have a great experience, so we ask that you follow the FAA rules while you’re in our park.  We ask that if you are interested in flying your UAV in the area, please refrain from flying over our other guests campsites, there are more interesting things to see in the Dells and around Watson Lake. Violators will be asked to leave without a refund.