A beautiful summer season at Point of Rocks Campground

Point of rocks rv campground in Prescott Arizona, RV Camping at 1 mile high.

Looking across the Granite Dells, Point of Rocks RV Campground, and Willow Lake. Granite Mountain dominates in the distance. This image was taken August 15th, 2008

The summer season here in Prescott has been a pretty one.  We’re lucky to have our RV Campground in such a beautiful place like Prescott.  And the big bonus so far this month?  The temperatures are cooling down a little more.  Today for example?  80 degrees, with lows in the 60’s last night.

For our friends down in Phoenix we have a suggestion.  Pack up your RV and pay us a visit.  We’ve enjoyed some great cloud builds this season, a few heavy monsoon downpours, but overall we’ve had some great weather these last few weeks.  And we’re happy to see the afternoon rain, as all of Arizona needs more water this year.

With the highest forecast temperature for the next 7 days being 90 degrees, and with the nights cooling down just a little, this is the perfect time to pay the area a visit.  A short walk from our campground leads down to Watson Lake Park, the lake itself, the Prescott Circle trail, and additional hiking on the trail system at Watson and Willow Lakes.

Escaping the 100 plus degree days down in Phoenix is pretty easy.  “Come up the hill,” as we all say here in Arizona, and spend a little time at a mile high!  Be sure to bring your bikes, kayaks, canoes, and hiking boots.  It’s definitely the right time to enjoy the outdoors here!

Oh, and by the way.  There are still events going on throughout the City of Prescott nearly every week here.  Something is always going on at the Courthouse square.  The museums are open as always.  And there are more recreational activities surrounding the Prescott area than you can count.  So, we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon and finding you a spot to enjoy the end of August with us!