3 Big Events Coming Up In Prescott For 2017!

Prescott Events for 2017

Whiskey Row Off Road Racer crossing a water hazzard

Prescott is an amazing destination location.  A good bit of Arizona history was made in this town.  And every year people from all over come to Prescott Arizona to enjoy what it has to offer.  We can tell you, the weekends here from Spring to Fall include many amazing events.  Today we’re sharing 3 favorite events.  And there will be more to come, so be sure to check back regularly to learn more!

The Whiskey Row Off Road Mountain Bike Race

For mountain bikers all over, the Whiskey Row Off Road is an amazing event that continues to grow with each passing year.  Also, the speed record seems to get smaller and smaller each year!  We see many return guests every year who attend the race, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.

For further information on the race please check out our latest Events Calendar update for the information you need!

This event takes place in late April by the way.

The Phippen Art Show

The Phippen Musem is located “right up the road” from Point of Rocks.  It’s definitely worth a visit year round, so if you’re in the area or staying with us, be sure to pay a visit.  Every year countless visitors descend on Prescott at the end of May to attend the Phippen Art Show.

The museum features a wide variety of noted Western Artists.  Of course, they can’t contain everything.  So once a year the Phippen Museum puts on a Western Art Show on the Courthouse Square, downtown Prescott.  Many known and unknown artists attend each year for competitions, displays, and to sell their unique masterpieces!

With only 4 miles between Point of Rocks and the Courthouse Plaza, we’re a great location to stay for the weekend while attending this event!

The Prescott Bluegrass Festival

Finally, another family favorite event in Prescott has to the the Bluegrass Festival.  If you’ve never attended before, this is a must see (and hear) show.  There’s a main pavillion with acts scheduled through the weekend.  There are also some pretty amazing pickup groups scattered across the Courthouse Square.

To learn more about the event and dates simply follow this link.  And remember to reserve your spot here early!  Even though the festival takes place in June, we get a lot of early requests for that weekend.

There’s more to come!

We’ve picked 3 events to highlight today, but there are plenty more to be listed.  Be sure to check out our Event Calendar regularly as we post additional events and activities in and around Prescott.  Don’t think for a moment we’ve forgotten 4th of July or the Rodeo.  They’ll be coming up in an upcoming article!