Book & Rules (2022)

Reserve online to avoid additional fees. Rates valid Jan thru Dec 2022.


We are proud to offer exceptional back-in Premium Campsites. Enjoy extra privacy, space or amazing views along the perimeter of the park. These level sites include electricity (20/30AMP or 20/30/50 AMP), water & sewer for your comfort and convenience on gravel/dirt pads. Complimentary Wi-Fi, plus a picnic table for your outdoor enjoyment.


Cozy back-in Standard RV sites will connect you with nature and a peaceful outdoor escape. These sites are in the center island of the park against other happy campers. These level sites also include electricity (20/30AMP), water & sewer for your comfort and convenience on gravel/dirt pads. Each site also comes with complimentary Wi-Fi access, plus a picnic table.


Please don't call, staff will refer you back to our website. Monthly requests cannot be reserved over the phone or online. Complete the application which provides availability. We offer a few pre-selected sites with electric (20/30AMP or 20/30/50 AMP), water & sewer. All sites are on gravel/dirt. RV age limit is 12 years or less. Click for Monthly Application 

Lock Fee?

Lock fee explained. While we guarantee your chosen site type & amenities, our automated optimization system may change your site. You can guarantee a chosen site by paying a $15 lock fee during booking. Site number will only appear on your confirmation email if you paid the “Lock Fee".

Only RVs Allowed

No tents, rooftop tents, tiny homes, converted buses, cars, vans or cargo trailers. Must be registered as a recreational vehicle with DMV, "self-contained" RV. We allow Motorhomes (Class A /C), Vans (Class B), Travel Trailers, Truck Campers, & Fifth Wheels.

Site for 2023?

Thank you for considering us! We open reservations for the 1st quarter of 2023 (January – March 2023) on October 1st at 12:01AM. The remaining months (April – December 2023) opens online on January 1, 2023 at 12:01AM.  Office closed on January 1st, so book online.

Park Rules

  • Availability

    Thank you for considering us! We suggest booking 3 months in advance. We have no waitlist capability, so keep checking online for availability. Be sure to search both campsite categories online (premium vs standard) for availability. Office and Online availability the same. Reserve online to avoid additional administrative fees. No weekly rates. 2022 Brochure & Map

  • Reservations Required

    Be sure you have a reservation before you arrive. Make sure your reservation covers your entire stay. We cannot guarantee availability beyond the dates you secured. Campground Video

  • Full Payment Required

    We require all reservations be paid in full at time of reservation. We accept all major credit cards. No weekly rates.

  • Check-In starts 1:00 PM

    Check-in starts at 1:00 PM. Early check-in is not permitted. If you will be arriving in the area early, please make other arrangements until 1:00 PM. We do not have a waiting area or overflow parking. A personalized reservation packet with your last name will be posted outside after business hours, at 3 PM. This packet will provide directions to your assigned campsite, park information and passcodes. We have no entry gate; therefore, you can arrive any time after 1 PM.

  • Check-Out by 11:30 AM

    Check-out time is by 11:30 AM. Late check-outs are not allowed. Guests leaving after check-out time will be charged a $20 fee per hour after 11:30 AM (AZ time) and could prevent future stays. We require guests to adhere to this policy as it prevents traffic issues due to our one lane roads, and to prepare (clean) the campsite for our next guest. We have no check-out process, but we thank you for choosing Point of Rocks.

  • Cancellations (process online)

    To avoid additions fees, open your confirmation email, click the link, select the Cancellation option, and follow the 2-step email process. Policy requires 4 days’ notice prior to your arrival date to receive a full refund minus the booking fee. If it’s 3 days or less, you will forfeit a fee equal to a one-night stay plus the booking fee. All customers receive multiple emails regarding their reservation... at time of booking, 4 days before your arrival date and day of arrival. All these emails have your confirmation link. We do not communicate by email.

  • Changes (process online)

    To avoid additions fees, submit a change request using the link below, or contact us directly. Policy requires 4 days notice prior to your arrival date to receive a full refund minus the booking fee. If it’s 3 days or less, you will forfeit a fee equal to a one night stay plus the booking fee. We do not communicate by email. Change Request Page

  • No Show Policy

    No show reservations will be charged for all missed days, date of notification and the $5 booking fee. If you arrive after your check-in date, you still must follow our check-in policy of 1:00 PM on the day you arrive due to restricted lanes and traffic. No exceptions.

  • Moving Campsites?

    If you chose to move campsites to extend or make your reservation happen, you are required to move by 11:30 AM or when your next campsite opens. Please schedule your activities around this requirement.

  • Booking Fees (non-refundable)

    All reservations are charged a booking fee. If booking multiple campsites, this fee will be applied per campsite.

  • No Discounts Offered

    Sorry, we are not affiliated with any discount programs. We offer no group discounts or weekly rates. Visit our "Online Request" page for monthly pricing and availability. No military discounts but we thank you for your service.

  • No Painting of Rocks!

    Please DO NOT paint rocks within our campground. This is private property. This is considered damage / defacing of our campground. Violation of this policy will terminate your reservation immediately. Thank you.

  • 1 RV and 1 Vehicle Only

    Campsites are allowed 1 RV and 1 vehicle only. Our campsites are not longer than the size of your RV, therefore, you must disconnect your vehicle or tow vehicle. We have no pull-thru sites. Guests are allowed to use guest parking during the day. No overnight parking.

  • RV Rental Reservations

    Customers who utilize an RV rental service (Outdoorsy, etc.) takes full responsibility for property damage during 3rd party (RV owner) pickup and delivery. Customers are required to ensure delivery is after 1:00 P.M. and pickup by 11:30 A.M. (AZ time). Guests and renters are required to see staff when checking in. Guests must include renters name and phone number on their reservation, via notes.  Outdoorsy RV Rental Service

  • RV Age Policy

    Stays under 4 weeks do not have an RV age restriction. All stays over 4 weeks require RV age of 12 years old or less. Appearance does not waive this policy. All RVs must be in very good condition. (Subject to visual inspection of external appearance).

  • No Wood Fires

    Wood fires and pellet smokers are not allowed. Propane firepits and self-contained charcoal or propane BBQ grills are allowed. All open fires must always be supervised.

  • Campsite Use

    No sheds, clotheslines, tarps, gates, storage bins or portable pools. Any outdoor lighting should only illuminate your site, and not disturb other guests. Yard sales and unauthorized soliciting or selling are not allowed. Do not trim trees or hang bags, clotheslines, and hammocks on trees.

  • Public Notice

    Our secured bathrooms and parking are for registered guests only. We have no public dump station but suggest Affinity RV Sales and Services. We have no propane fill station.

  • Laundry Hours

    As a courtesy to our guests, we offer a laundry facility. Our laundry room is open 8 AM-4 PM (last load in by 2:30 PM) We sell rolls ($10) of quarters only. Do not wash pet items or rugs. Stay with your laundry and clean up after use.

  • Secured Restrooms

    We are happy to provide secured restrooms with showers to our guests only. These restrooms are not available to the public or pay to use.

  • Quiet Time Policy

    Quiet time is 10 PM to 7 AM. Anyone reported or witnessed being loud will be warned only once. If you fail to follow this policy, your reservation will be terminated without refund. Use our emergency contact via your reservation packet to contact security. We want everyone to enjoy their time while staying at Point of Rocks.

  • Wi-Fi Availability

    Wi-Fi available throughout the campground for light web use only. No video streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Zoom Calls, etc.). This is a FREE service we provide. If our guests do not follow guidelines, Wi-Fi interruptions may occur. We do not guarantee reception or lack of reception, which cannot be used as grounds for a cancellation, credit or refund.

  • Electrical Use

    You are responsible for understanding how many amps you are using in your RV. Amp usage over the 30 or 50 AMPs provided can trip your breaker. If our breaker constantly trips, please stop use immediately. Please notify the office if you have any electrical issues so our maintenance staff can address the situation. Guests are not permitted to diagnose our electrical pedestals for insurance and safety requirements.

  • Washing / Maintenance

    Washing RVs or vehicles is prohibited. Feel free to contact Attention2Detail, a local company that brings a power wash trailer to your campsite. Repairs to RVs and vehicles are not permitted in our park. We are happy to provide contact information for a local Mobile RV Repair company that will come to your site to assist you with any repairs. Attention2Detail Website

  • Fireworks and Firearms

    All fireworks are strictly prohibited in our park including sparklers, smoke bombs, aerials, and firecrackers. All firearms must be kept in a case and can only be carried between your RV and vehicle. Firearms cannot be carried or used within the campground or surrounding areas.

  • Long Term (Monthly stays)

    Our monthly rate is $800-$900 per month plus electric. Full payment is due at time of reservation. No monthly prorations, even if you arrive late or leave early. Make reservation even months. Dates outside even months will be charged a daily rate. RV age must be 12 years or less. Maximum stay at Point of Rocks is 6 months. RV registration is required to verify RV age. Monthly campsites are preselected and provided upon arrival. Long Term Registration link will be provided once your request is paid in full. Please complete registration and provide documents within 72hrs. Monthly Request Form

  • Pet Policy (maximum 2 pets)

    We are a pet-friendly campground and ask that you follow these rules to ensure all guests have an enjoyable stay. 2 pet maximum, no exceptions. Due to Insurance Requirements, no Chow, Doberman, Rottweiler, or any “Pit Bull” type breeds, including American Staffordshire Etc. are allowed in the park. No exotic pets. (Dogs & cats only). Immediately clean up after your pet. Do not let your pet deposit waste on your site or any of our other guests’ sites. Do not utilize our laundry machines to wash pet items. Should your pet or service/comfort animal create any disturbances, which cause complaints to be made to campground officials, you will immediately make arrangements to house your dog elsewhere outside the Campground.

  • Group Reservations

    Group leader is responsible to assign their group members to available campsites. We would prefer each member of your group to go online and book their own campsite for liability reasons. If not, the group leader can book all campsites with one reservation. Group leader must provide campsite information to group members as we do not share guest information due to legal reasons. If a guest needs to know where group members are located, they must get this information from the group leader.