Rates & Rules

Campground Rates valid for 2020

    Online Reservation Request

    Standard Site


    Plus Tax
    • 30 or 50 AMP Electric
    • Water, Sewer
    • Back-In, standard campsite
    • Picnic table
    Click to Call,
    Hrs 8am-2pm

    Premium Site


    Plus Tax
    • 30 or 50 AMP Electric
    • Water, Sewer
    • Back-In, Spacious or scenic
    • Picnic table
    Click to Call,
    Hrs 8am-2pm

    Standard Weekly


    Plus Tax
    • 30 or 50 AMP Electric
    • Water, Sewer
    • No Wkly Stays on Pull-Thru’s
    • 7th Night Free
    Click to Call,
    Hrs 8am-2pm

    Premium Weekly


    Plus Tax
    • 30 or 50 AMP Electric
    • Water, Sewer
    • No Wkly Stays on Pull-Thru’s
    • 7th Night Free
    Click to Call,
    Hrs 8am-2pm

    Kayak Rentals


    24hr Notice Required
    • Kayaks & Paddleboards
    • Sunrise-Sunset
    • Equipment & Gear Included
    • Delivery To Lake
    Click to Call,
    Hrs 8am-2pm
    No Monthly Campsites/ Rates


    1:00 P.M. AZ Time

    Do NOT arrive early.
    Camground Directions


    11:30 A.M. AZ Time

    Be Prompt. Thank you.
    Brochure & Park Map


    • Campsites are assigned by our staff.
    • No monthly rates / campsites available.
    • Utilize our 24/7 Online Reservation Request Form
    • No discounted campsites or dry camping sites.
    • Campground Rates above are only valid for 2020.
    • Minimum 3 night stay required on all major holidays.
    • 1 night reservations may changed at our discretion.
    • Please ensure your reservation covers your entire stay, site may not be available for extra days.
    • Our campground fills up far in advance. Avoid from being turned away without a campsite & complete a reservation request now.


    • Full payment is taken at time of booking.
    • We only accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover. 
    • We are not affiliated with any discount programs.
    • If booking separate/multiple reservations, all reservations must be paid at time of booking.
    • If staying more then two (2) weeks, the first two weeks are due at the time reservation is made.

    Cancel or Change My Reservation

    • Utilize our 24/7 Cancellation Form.
    • Utilize our 24/7 Change My Reservation Form
    • Have credit card in-hand when calling us to cancel.
    • For your convenience, we only require 72 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or change your stay.
    • For all stays over 30 days, we require a 14 day notice to avoid a $250. charge

    Campground Information

    • Telephone Number; (928) 445-9018.
    • View our; Brochure & Park Map
    • View our; Campground Amenities
    • View our; Events Calendar
    • View our; Annual/Current Forecast
    • View our; Campground Directions
    • Our campground elevation is 5,368.
    • Office Hours; 8AM to 2PM (AZ Time) Mon – Sun.
    • Office closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.
    • No smoking or pets allowed in any building.
    • Combo locked bathrooms available 24/7
    • Speed limit within the campground is 5MPH.
    • Laundry hours 8AM to 6PM. Last load in by 4PM
    • Wi-Fi for email & light web use only. No videos streaming. We can’t guarantee reliability of service.

      RV’s Only

      • No Tent Camping
      • No Dry Camping sites
      • No Vans, Cars, Trucks or Tiny Houses
      • RV must be registered as a Recreational Vehicle.
      • RV age can not exceed 12 yrs for stays over 4 wks

      Check-Out & Check-In Times

      • Check-In anytime after 1:00 P.M.
      • Do not arrive early. No extra parking.
      • It’s not if the site is open, its the one lane road up.
      • Check-Out before 11:30 A.M. Must be prompt.
      • It’s not required to stop at the office when leaving.
      • Arriving late? Be prepared, our park is dark at night.
      • All guests are required to register in the office before taking ownership of the campsite.
      • Arriving after 6 PM., pickup your reservation map located on a bulletin board. Registered in the AM.
      • Need a Late Check-Out? ONLY offered on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays. Fee $15.00 with a departure time of 2:00 P.M.

        Campsite Use

        • Click to view; Campsite Photos & Info.
        • Be cautious of and do not feed wildlife.
        • Do not run internal or external generator.
        • Do not park in empty sites or along the roads.
        • NO wood fires. Propane Fire-pits are allowed.
        • Do not drain any water or waste on the ground.
        • One RV & Vehicle. No extra trailers or vehicles.
        • Minimal “camping” furniture is allowed outside.
        • Extra parking only for people visiting our guests.
        • No sleeping in tents outside. Screened tents okay.
        • Sites don’t have barbecues. Gas/charcoal grills okay.
        • Be respectful & don’t infringe on another RV space.
        • Be respectful & keep noise level low within your site.
        • No washing or maintenance of RV or other vehicles.
        • Off-road vehicles may be ridden to exit or enter.
        • No Storage sheds, tarps, fences, storage bins, clotheslines, portable pools or spas.
        • 10 7 A.M. is quiet time. Policy is monitored closely. Violators will be asked to leave.
        • No clothing items can be “hung out” to dry in or around the RV. Do not hang items from trees.
        • Please refrain from yelling, screaming, or loud music, this is a quiet park and you have neighbors.
        • All registered campers will assume all financial responsibility for any damage or injury caused by any member of their party or guest.
        • We reserve the right to discharge without a refund any person for failing to abide by park rules or for violation of laws & ordinances or for creating a disturbance or nuisance.

              Pet Policy

              • No more than two (2) dogs allowed.
              • Pick up after your pet immediately.
              • Do not allow your dog to dig holes in the park.
              • Dog is not allowed to roam loose, even in your site.
              • No Chow, Doberman, Rottweiler or Pit Bull breeds.
              • Policy monitored closely. Violators asked to leave.
              • Retractable leashes are OK but leashes may have no more than a six (6) foot lead. 
              • Owners are legally responsible for their pets and injury or loss caused by their pets.
              • Excessive barking and/or aggression will not be toleratedControl barking day and night.
              • Pet blankets, pillows, mats, or similar items may not be laundered in our laundry room.
              • Dogs must always be on a leash and accompanied by owners and under control at all times.

              Monthly Stays (Dec – Feb Only)

              • RV age must be less that 12 years old.
              • Our rate is $550.00, plus metered electric.
              • Monthly site/rates only available Dec. thru Feb..
              • Book early to stay on the same site without moving.
              • Two week notice required to avoid a charge of $250.
              • We do not make acceptations based on the look of the RV, we go by year listed on RV registration.
              • You are welcome to stay long-term during all other months, but this would be at our weekly rate.

              Monsoon Season

              • Setting up a screened-in tent is acceptable.
              • Please keep your awning rolled up when away.
              • During these months mosquito activity is high.
              • Please be prepared with bug spray.
              • Monsoon season is from June thru September.
              • Be prepared for sudden storms, rain and strong winds.

              Next Year Reservations

              • On October 1, 2020, we start taking reservations for January 2021 thru March 2021.
              • On January 2, 2021, we will take reservations for the remaining months April thru December 2021.

              Group Reservations

              • Sorry, we do not offer any group discounts.
              • Our campground is very busy and fills up fast.
              • Try to make your reservations as soon as possible.
              • We have unique sizes for all sites, group members may not all be located side by side.

              Drone Use

              • For our valued guests who are drone pilots. You must follow FAA regulations! A few items you need to note if you plan on using a drone in the area. 1: Point of Rocks is less than 5 miles from KPRC airport. That means you either need to have an authorization from the FAA if you are a commercial pilot, or if you’re a hobbyist you must call KPRC’s Air Traffic Control prior to flight. 2: Point of Rocks is located in a 400 foot Above Ground Level space for drone pilots. 3: Following FAA rules, you cannot legally fly over people in the park. Flying over guests could result in fines from the FAA. 4: Night time flights (more than 30 minutes after sunset) require a waiver from the FAA. We understand that the Granite Dells and Point of Rocks are incredibly scenic areas, and taking photos with drones can yield some amazing results.  We want you and our other guests to have a great experience, so we ask that you follow the FAA rules while you’re in our park.  We ask that if you are interested in flying your UAV in the area, please refrain from flying over our other guests campsites, there are more interesting things to see in the Dells and around Watson Lake. Violators will be asked to leave without a refund.

              Liability Agreement

              • Campground guests are financially responsible for any damage to property, intentional or accidental.  Willful damage or defacing of campground property will be cause for immediate eviction and prosecution. All facilities are used at your own risk. Our equipment, apparatus and facilities are furnished solely for the convenience of our registered guests. A person using such does so at their own risk. The management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, or acts of God. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.