Point of Rocks Arizona Sky Photography and Camping.

Oh That Arizona Sky

Arizona Sky Photography and RV Camping

The Granite Dells and Watson Lake offer up some amazing views during Monsoon Season

Arizona is a beautiful place.  That’s one of many reasons people decide to live here.  And why so many people visit every year.  The Grand Canyon, Saguaros, Ghost Towns, The Petrified Forest….many incredible sites to see.  And one amazing site can be seen across the state…..

The Arizona sky and sunsets.

Blue skies are a regular event here.  From horizon to horizon, hyper blue skies.  This is a desert state after all, so a lot of sun is expected.  But Arizona doesn’t just offer flat blue skies every day.  No, we get some pretty amazing cloud builds, which often lead to stunning sunsets.  And let’s not forget Monsoon Season.

Every year during Monsoon Season we see incredible cloud builds across the state.  Thunder storms that nobody on the East Coast could ever imagine as being real.  Well, that is until they experience it first hand.  And here at Point of Rocks?  Ah yes, we’ve seen more amazing sunsets year after year than we can even count at this point.

With our park being so close to both Watson and Willow lakes, the opportunities to witness gorgeous sunsets with granite formations and water features are many.  Visitors can be seen watching the sky from various granite outcrops here in the park on a regular basis.  And you’ll often see photography buffs looking for the perfect vantage point in our campground for sunset and sunrise photos.

So, when you’re preparing for your visit to Point of Rocks Campground, make sure to pack your camera.  You’ll be disappointed if you don’t bring it along for sure!  And with the scenery around our park, you’ll probably want to take more photos beyond amazing sunsets as well!

For more information about staying with us check out our rates and reservations information.  We’ll look forward to seeing you this year.

Point of Rocks Arizona Sky Photography and Camping.

Photographed here at Point of Rocks, a monsoonal cloud build with the sun lighting it up.