Prescott AZ Monsoon Season Point of Rocks RV Campground Photographer Rich Charpentier

Monsoon Season is at a close – Snowbird Season is upon us!

Prescott AZ Monsoon Season Point of Rocks RV Campground Photographer Rich Charpentier

This photo was taken from Point of Rocks RV Campground with an iPhone!

The 2017 monsoon season seems to be at a close here in Prescott Arizona.  And it’s been an amazing season to be sure!  Point of Rocks enjoyed many amazing sunrise and sunset scenes, and our guests were treated to some amazing picturesque skies on almost a daily basis.  The 2017 season was pretty wet, and we’ll take all the rain we can get in Arizona!

If you’ve never experienced the beauty of monsoons, keep us in mind for next year.  Normally in July monsoon season begins.  We never know how long it will last, but this year we saw over two months of incredible late afternoon thunderstorms, and then the storms breaking up before sunset.  During the season the mornings are usually dry, we watch the cloud builds into the afternoon, and then the powerful storms roll through and dissipate before sunset.

What’s very interesting is how the daily storms behave.  Sometimes our park would miss a storm all together for a day or two, but only a few miles away there would be downpours and lightening shows.  Or there were days this year where the downtown area was dry while we’d get a 30 minute rain here at the campground.

Prescott AZ Monsoon Clouds at Point of Rocks Campground photographer Rich Charpentier

A sunrise at Point of Rocks complete with clouds already building.

Snowbirds on the way!

With the close of the “wet season” here in Prescott, what’s next?  Well that’s easy!  Our favorite time of year.  Fall is on the way, and evening temperatures are already cooling off.  This is the time of year when many full time RV’ers are making winter plans.  Normally many RV’ers head to southern Arizona for the winter.  And we understand why.  Mild temperatures, no snow, and plenty to do in the southern part of our state.

But while these visitors are making plans, they’re missing out.  This is one of the best seasons of the year to stay at Point of Rocks.  Mild days, cool nights, and perfect sleeping weather!  With so many outdoor activities here in “Everybody’s Hometown,” this is the perfect stop over before heading south for the winter.  With all of the in town activities, the recreation opportunities surrounding the city, and the relaxed atmosphere at Point of rocks, you should really think about stopping over for a while and enjoying the fall season with us.

For more information about staying with us during the 2017 Fall Season, please feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here.  Our helpful staff will help you setup your reservations, and share the latest about what’s going on in town with you!