Spring Break Arizona

Labor Day Weekend doesn’t mark the end of our season

For many campers and travelers, Labor Day Weekend marks the end of the summer and travel season.  Fortunately for Point of Rocks Campground, that’s not the case for us!  As a matter of fact, Labor Day Weekend marks the beginning of cooler temperatures at night, pleasant daytime temperatures, and sometimes some of our best recreational weather!

Northern Arizona is a different world compared to Southern Arizona.  During the summer time it still gets hot here, but not too hot.  We’re always a lot cooler than the Phoenix or Tucson areas since we’re about a mile high.  As we march into the Fall season many travelers find that Prescott is a great place to stay a while and enjoy the change of seasons.

Also, as the northern states cool off many “snow bird” RV’ers start their journey south to warmer climates for the winter.  And we’re right on the way to those southern destinations.  So each year we see the migration of travelers and campers coming through Prescott, and we’re always happy to have them stop over with us on their journey to their southern destinations.

The fall season is a great time to visit Prescott Arizona.  Whether you’re just stopping through on your way to another destination, or you’re looking to enjoy the milder temperatures while exploring historic Prescott, Point of Rocks RV Campground has a space for you!

For further information about staying with us for a night, a few nights, or even longer, feel free to contact us through our Campsite Inquiry form, or give us a call at (928) 445-9018.  Our staff will help you find the right site for your RV, and they’ll also be able to let you know about the latest events going on in town and in the surrounding area!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Point of Rocks!

Northern Arizona Fall Camping Season

Watson Lake Park is a short hike from Point of Rocks Upper Loop Camping. Enjoy kayaking, hiking, running, or just relaxing in the Granite rock formations with a scenic view.