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Often we are asked about nearby hiking & biking trails in the Prescott area. We have included a popular list of all of Prescott’s local trails. In the event you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask one of our friendly staff members at our office. Need hiking, biking or kayaking supplies or rentals, click here Local Businesses & Services.  Popular links for Hiking and Biking; Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance and All Trails for Prescott AZ. 

Point of Rocks RV Park Campground in Prescott Arizona

Flume Canyon, Watson Dam and Northshore trails

10 min hike from Point of Rocks

These trails all connect to each other. Park either at the Flume trailhead off Granite Dells Road (free) or park at Watson Lake ($3 fee, free Wednesday). Multiple loop options with great views of Watson lake, canyons and the lushest part of Prescott with Granite Creek below the dam. Northshore Trail should  be considered only by experienced hikers and mountain bikers. 2.4 mi. 5057’ (low) – 5186’ (high)

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Watson Lake Loop Trail

10 min hike from Point of Rocks

Approximately 4.8 miles in length for the entire loop around the lake. The Northshore trail covers rocky steep terrain, the Over the Hill trail covers rocky and slightly more moderate terrain, and the Peavine and Lower Granite Creek Trail are relatively flat in comparison. There is a $3 parking fee at Watson Lake Park. (free on Wednesdays)

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Watson Woods Trail

15 min hike from Point of Rocks

Walk through Prescott’s largest riparian area with lots of interpretive native plant signage. Great spring, summer and fall walk which loops to the Peavine and Discovery trails. 1.5 miles. 5188’ (low) – 5218’ (high) $3 parking fee at Sundog Ranch Peavine trailhead. (free on Wednesday)

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Lakeshore Trail

5 min drive from Point of Rocks

The scenic Lakeshore trail offers a more technical single-track experience which has six connections and loop possibilities to the popular Rails to Trails Peavine Trail. The 2 mile Lakeshore Trail starts 1 mile from the Sundog Ranch Peavine trailhead and is marked by white dots on the slick rock portions. A bicycle rack is located at the 1.5 mile point at which trail users can hike a loop trail to Watson Lake. This trail is much more technical than the Peavine Trail and should only be considered by hikers who are sure on their feet and experienced, technically adept mountain bikers. The trail is really just a suggested route, and you can certainly explore on the rocks to expand your adventure – have fun! 2.0 mi. 5160’ (low) – 5220’ (high) $3.00 parking fee.  (free on Wednesday)

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Willow Lake Loop Trail

Only 3 mins from our Campground

Challenge yourself to complete this 5.7-mile loop around Willow Lake which consists of great sweeping views, technical rock hopping, steep steps, and prolific bird watching. Most of the trail is above the high water mark, but the East Bay Trail segment is not accessible at high water. Access is from Heritage Park ($3, free on Wednesday), free parking area on Willow Lake Rd, and Willow Creek Park/Dog Park. 5073’ (low) – 5225’ (high)

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Willow Dells Slickrock Trail Loops

Only 3 mins from our Campground

These rugged trails run through the Dells, over granite rock outcrops, and along the north edge of Willow Lake. Best suited for hiking, considered very advanced mountain biking. 3.0 mi.  5080’ (low) – 5180’ (high). $3.00 Fee for parking. (free on Wednesdays)

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Goldwater Lake Trails

20 mins from our Campground

North Shore (0.26 mile) and Bannon Creek Trails (0.6 miles) are two easy multi-use trails at Goldwater Lake. To reach Goldwater Lake Park, drive south on Mount Vernon Street (becomes Senator Hwy) about 4 miles to the entrance of Goldwater Lake Park, turn right and park in designated parking. There is a $3 parking fee. (free on Wednesdays)

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Granite Gardens trail system

Only 4 mins from our Campground

This trail network is a favorite with kids, with steep ups and downs following the white dot trails, this short hike packs a punch. Be sure to check out the Stairway trail and squeeze through the Grotto.  1.5 mi. Free parking.

Cottonwood Trail #9709 Info Link


Prescott Peavine National Recreation Trail

10 min drive from our campground

This is one of the few Rails to Trails projects in Arizona. There are outstanding views of Watson Lake and Granite Dells, as well as, wildlife viewing. Walk, hike, bike or horseback along this six mile trail that was originally built by the Santa Fe Railway in 1893. The Peavine connects with the Iron King Trail for another four mile trek along more railroad bed. Take Hwy 89 to Prescott Lakes Parkway, then to Sundog Ranch Road. Shown on the NE Prescott Trails Map. Parking at the Peavine Trailhead off Prescott Lakes Parkway has a 3 fee, but you can access this trail off of Hwy 89A at Side Road, or from Prescott Valley Iron King trailhead, or from the trailhead on Granite Dells Road for free.

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Prescott Lakes and Vista Park Trails System

10 min drive from our campground

Prescott Lakes is a community with a focus on creating a unique trail network. 5.0 mi. 5200’ (low) – 5470’ (high). Free parking

The Vista Trail is a 6 ft wide trail that starts at Sarafina Dr and crosses to Samaratan Way along which you can find the junction for the Panorama Trail.

The Panorama Trail is a single track trail that climbs steadily up towards a mesa. Where this trail intersects Solstice Dr, head west along the road a short distance to connect with the Petroglyph Trail (no parking here).

The Petroglyph Trail climbs the remainder of the way to the mesa top, where you can find unprecedented views of the entire area and a petroglyph site with an interpretive sign.

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Lynx Recreation Trail #311

15 min drive from our campground

This popular hiking trail, located in the Lynx Lake Recreation Area, travels around Lynx Lake. The man-made, 55-acre lake attracts a diversity of wildlife. The birdwatching here is particularly excellent. Winter brings bald eagles that sometimes nest in the area and there may be osprey in summer. A range of songbirds and waterfowl, present year-round, stir the air with their varied calls. The western half of the trail is paved and wheelchair accessible. The eastern half is a narrow dirt footpath. Ponderosa pines and other trees provide dappled shade along most of the route. This trail begins and ends at the Southshore parking area. $5 for day use (Wednesdays are free)

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Lynx Lake Brochure

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Lynx Lake: Homestead Trail

15 min drive from our campground

Homestead Trail #305 travels north through ponderosa pine and oak forest, and connects several sites within the Lynx Lake Recreation Area. Among these sites are Hilltop Campground and Lynx Campground, the Highlands Center for Natural History, and Lynx Ruin Trail #301. From the trailhead, this trail climbs for a short distance, offering sweeping vistas of the pine-covered Bradshaw Mountains before dropping down to follow Smith Ravine. Many of the rock types exposed along the trail are metamorphic varieties similar to what one finds in the lower reaches of the Grand Canyon. This trail ends at the trailhead for Ranch Trail #62. This trail is open to hikers and mountain bikers. Please be considerate of other users—slow down and know when to yield the trail. Please refrain from using bikes when the trail is wet.

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Greenways Trail System

15 mins from our campground

There are approximately 1.5 miles of multi-use trails along Prescott’s Granite Creek, and Miller Creek that lead downtown Prescott, and to Granite Creek Park. These trails have a large transportation emphasis, and future expansions are planned. 1.5 mi. 5300’ (low) – 5336’ (high) Free parking.

Arnold Mesa Trails Info Link


Thumb Butte Trail 33

Only 20 mins from our Campground

Hiking Trails, Nature & Parks, Directions; From downtown Prescott: Travel west on Gurley Street (becomes Thumb Butte Road) for 3.4 miles to the Thumb Butte Picnic Area, on the right. Multiple trails begin just across the road from the picnic area, and trails also begin in the parking area and head away from Thumb Butte.

Information on Thumb Butte Link

Thumb Butte Trails and Area Map

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Prescott Circle Trail

The Prescott Circle Trail is a network of our best non-motorized trails that combine to make a 54 mile loop around Prescott . The PCT is jointly managed by the City of Prescott (25 miles) and Prescott National Forest (29 miles). The trail comes as close as three miles to downtown Prescott and is easily accessible with 15 trailheads along its length. A lap of the PCT has about 6000 feet of elevation gain and can be enjoyed as an adventurous one or two day trip or a multi-day trip over a period of days, weeks or months.

Link: Trail information and Maps

Prescott Circle Trail - Prescott RV Park Point of Rocks

Centennial Trail

12 min drive from our campground

An in-town trail that meanders through the boulders and canyons, with panoramic views of the City of Prescott, Rodeo Grounds, Thumb Butte, and Granite Mountain. Petroglyphs are a feature of the trail. Parking area on Kile Street near Iron Springs Road, with a 2 mile out-an-back in either direction. There is also parking at Westridge Dr and Gail Gardner. 2.0 mi. 5447’ (low) – 5729’ (high) Free parking.

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Acker Park Trails

Only 10 min drive from our Campground

Acker Park consists of approximately 80 acres of natural parkland near downtown Prescott with access from 421 S. Virginia St., Penn St./Eastwood, Autumn Breeze (in the Foothills subdivision) and S. Washington. Multi-use hiking trails with interpretive signs, restrooms, and views. Located at 421 S Virginia Street. 1.5 mi. 5480’ (low) – 5630’ (high) Free parking.

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Pioneer Park Trails

A series of color-coded trails ranging in length form 1.68 miles to 6.08 miles. Located across Commerce Drive from the Pioneer Park ball field complex. 9 mi. 5220’ (low) – 5480’ (high) Free parking.

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Butte Creek Trail

15 mins from our campground

Trail #321 begins at Stricklin Forest Park on Sherwood Drive. This trail parallels Butte Creek, westbound to the Prescott National Forest, and runs partially through a scenic canyon. The City portion is 1.3 miles, but the trail continues into the Prescott National Forest and connects to a larger trail system near Thumb Butte.  1.3 mi. 5508’ (low) – 5788’ (high) Parking is limited, but free.

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20 mins from our campground

The Turley Trail named for Gerald Turley is part of the Prescott Circle Trail and goes from the Turley Trailhead in the shadow of “P” Mountain (Badger Mountain) on the east side of Prescott to the border of the Prescott National Forest. 2.65 mi. 5609’ (low) – 5935’ (high) Free parking.

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Lynx Lake Recreation Area

Only 14 mins from our Campground

Lynx Lake is one of the most popular recreation areas in central Arizona. Mild weather, the cool ponderosa pine forest, a serene 55-acre lake, trout fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, archaeological sites, and bird watching attract visitors from throughout Arizona.

Park Reviews and Information Link

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Goldwater Lake

Only 5 mins from our Campground

15-acre lake with fishing docks, Boat launch ramp~no gasoline motors~electric only, Outstanding for canoeing/kayaking, Playground, Picnic tables, Sand volleyball court, Hiking trails, Horseshoe pits, Handicapped access picnic sites and fishing

Canoe and kayak rentals available. For detailed information, prices, and hours of operation, go to Prescott Outdoors

Park Information Link

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Iron King Trail

Only 10 mins from our Campground

The Iron King Trail in Prescott Valley is a brought together by the Town of Prescott Valley, Rails to Trail Program, and others having officially opened on July 10th, 2004. Iron King Trail can be accessed in multiple ways, the easiest being parking in the small dirt lot on the west side of Glassford Hill Rd. off Sante Fe Loop and parking is free. Access is also available from the Peavine Trail. This trail is doubletrack and an easy ride. There is a gentle climb for the first 2.25 miles then a flat ride into the rocks. The trail ends at the Peavine Trail after a fun downhill section. A picnic table and a port-a-let await you at the intersection.

Link: Trail Map and Information

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Groom Creek Loop Trail

Only 20 mins from our Campground

Groom Creek Loop Trail is a 9.8 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Prescott, that features beautiful wild flowers in season and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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