A virtual tour of our RV Campground

From above the upper loop

This 360 panoramic was shot from above the upper loop of Point of Rocks Campground. Let the 360 play through so you can see the unique location of Point of Rocks in the Granite Dells. We promise, you won't find many parks that offer so much in the way of scenic beauty as you will find at our park here.

Take a hike, follow trails on your mountain bike, spend time at Watson or Willow Lake, and enjoy your stay with us. We're a family oriented RV campground located in Prescott AZ.


Truly unique RV camping sites on the upper loop of Point of Rocks

From pop up trailers to Class A Motorhomes

Click and drag left or right on the 360 panoramic to see all the way around!

Some sites in the upper loop of our park back up right to the amazing granite formations of the Granite Dells.  Other sites offer shade trees for the summer season.  Point of Rocks Campground can accommodate many types of RV's.

The 360 pano featured here shows off just a few of our sites in the park.  But it gives you a good feel for the variety of sites we have for your next visit to Prescott Arizona.

The attractions around our campground

Two lakes, many trails, and great scenery

Click the 360 image and drag it left or right to see key featured locations around Point of Rocks.

Point of Rocks RV Campground is located next to Watson Lake, and a short walk or drive to Willow Lake.  In the distance Granite Mountain can be seen.  Also off in the distance visitors can also see the famous Thumb Butte.

Our park is literally surrounded by a vast set of recreational opportunities.  Paddle the lakes in a kayak, run the Prescott Circle Trail, take a leisurely hike or bike ride along the Peavine trail.  Or take a short drive and visit historic downtown Prescott.  We promise, you won't run out of things to do here.

Get the right spot for your RV

Talk to our staff today!

Click and drag left or right on the 360 panoramic to see all the way around!

Our office staff is available year round to talk to you about your next visit to Prescott.  And they'll help you pick the right site for your RV.  You can call us directly at (928) 445-9018, or you can use our online reservation inquiry form as well.

As you can see, the upper loop of our park offers a variety of RV sites, many of which can accommodate larger rigs like 5th wheels and Class A Motorhomes.  We're also constantly improving the park, and we'll let you know what is in store for your future visit.

From the upper loop of the park there are 2 different hiking trails available for guest use.  One trail leads into the Granite Dells, and some pretty amazing scenery.  The other trail heads down to Watson Lake park, and after a very short walk you can find yourself lakeside for the day!

Upper Loop Sites - A closer look

Our sites on the upper loop

Take a look through the slides in this section to get a feel for our sites on the upper loop.  You can arrow through the slides to see each site.  We don't have all of our sites in this slideshow yet, but we're adding them over the next few weeks.

The Upper Loop From Above

Point of Rocks Upper Loop Camping Area